Xray is being used in the health industry as the most important tool to diagnose especially in orthopaedic speciality. Xray was a chance discovery by Roentgen in the year 1895. He had the acumen to understand the importance and potential of a chance discovery which is the hallmark of great men.

Xray comes with a rider, radiation… but thankfully it is very negligent. The radiation is measured in Millisievert(mSv).

In orthopaedics, Xray is used to diagnose treat and manage fractures. It is the most important tool of an orthopaedic surgeon. Now we have digital Xray where the quality and the contour are better, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of the surgeon.

Now we come to the most important question, How much of Xray is safe for a person in his lifetime?

Xray is generally measured or compared with normal environment radiation. The American College of Radiology recommends 100mSv in a lifetime which is equal to 10000 chest Xrays or 25ct chest scans. A standing chest Xray is 0.1mSv.

From this, we can safely conclude, an average healthy individual can safely take as many Xrays as possible in his lifetime, Surmising the maximum of 10000 usually will not be surpassed.




8 Thoughts to “Do you know, How many X rays are safe in a lifetime?”

  1. Shanthi Murugadass

    Does the exposure to scans at airports considered as a radiation??

    1. admin

      Technically they are radiation .. but the dose is so low its negligible and is considered very safe even for pregnant women,maybe we can compare that to the radiation which a cell phone is supposed to emanate… thogh there is a raging debate about the harmfull effects its generally considered safe.

  2. Pavithra Neelamegam

    This content about x ray was very informative to know about and its important parameter to be known by everyone

    1. Thanks for the interest , hope it was useful.

  3. Varsha balasubramaniyam

    This content about x-ray was very easy to understand and tell about MRI and CT sir…..

    1. Since MRI is a non radiation and non invasive investigation its safe and can be done as many times as
      necessary… and about CT i think i have talked about that in my article in the last paragraph.

  4. shreekanth

    is it x-ray is safe for pregnant women sir…??

    1. X ray being a ionising radiation is not safe for the fetus and hence pregnant
      should not be exposed to xrays.

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