Intraarticular  injections inside the joint space is one of the commonest procedures in orthopedics, I have had my patients ask me, will the injection be given inside the bone doctor?  No, Never, …the injection is usually given inside the joint space between the two bones which form the space, actually the injection would be less painful than a normal intra muscular injection because the drug is pushed inside the space which do not offer any resistance .   

Generally, since the joints are involved and an infection would be catastropic, the injection is given under strict aspectic precautions. The best judge to decide when the injection would be useful for you is your doctor. Just because it worked for your neighbour it need not work for you also, because the stage of arthrities may be different for both of you. Commonly the joints which benefit from intraarticular injections are, the knee, Shoulder, Ankle and Elbow in that order.

Intraarticular injections can give temporary pain relief in selected patients. The injection might range from a regular steroid to synthetic hyaluronic acids. The take home  message  is most of the time the pain relief is temporary extending form a month to an year, and it is not given into the bone.Those of you or your parents who have been dreading the injection in ‘bone’ can now give a sigh of relief.


Dr.P.Elangovan, MS MCh Orth

11 Thoughts to “Are injections inside the joints safe?”

  1. Abdul Kareem

    Very useful information, Doctor. Thank you

  2. Rupashree

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us sir.

    1. You are most welcome and thank you for taking time to respond.

  3. Nivetha

    At which place sir those injections can be injected in case of hip joint injury ?

    1. Intra articular injections or aspiration of hip joint is not done as frequently as knee joint because it is a deep joint
      and is close to important neurovascular structures, but is indicated in some conditions like septic arthritis, severe osteoarthritis, biopsies
      or as a diagnostic procedure.
      It is usually done under ultrasound or fluoroscopic control, and generally the anterolateral approach is used.It must be understood it is a technically demanding procedure and needs a good understanding of the anatomy around the hip.

    2. In case of injuries around hip generally aspiration is not done because its a deep seated joint and a ball and socket
      joint, hence the hematoma collected usually does not warrant aspiration.

  4. Sir.. in case of hip injury where can we inject sir ?

    1. I have answered this in another query , please look into that.

  5. Limsa jerald

    What are the common conditions injections is used in joint..sir?

    1. The common indications are osteoarthritis or any other inflammatory arthritis which can produce pain.
      i have given the indications in the article too.

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