Osteoporosis by definition is loss of bone density or reduction in bone density.Mostly its a disease of older people especially women, but recent studies suggest men also are susceptible and can be symptomatic. Normal bone strength and the density is usually maintained by the hormonal homeostasis of the body,in women it goes for a toss after menopause relatively abruptly than men, and hence show symptoms earlier probably.While in men it happens over a period of time and this might explain the difference in men and women.

Osteoporosis can be compared to the money you save in bank .. the more money you save when young,the more you have, to spend when old… same way if you build more bone mass when young, you get more to spend when old .. meaning more bone to postpone osteoporosis.

Proper exercises, a balanced diet and a good amount of walking can go a long way in building up your bone strength when young.Milk as a source of calcium is unmatched.

The Common symptoms include body pain, myositis, low back ache, and fracture due to trivial injuries.. fracture of the bones of spine, and hip bones being common examples.

Investigations that may help are the the x ray , DEXA and BMD ..of these BMD has been found to be highly inaccurate and hence not used anymore except in health camps .. lol.

The treatment spectrum includes tablets to intravenous injections like zolidronic acid or teriparatide. Calcium has always been a component of treatment but nowadays as we get to know more about the disease process the role of calcium has become a query,and indiscriminate use of calcium in osteoporosis is questionable now.

But unfortunately we are slow to catch up With the world if its a good thing .. its a different matter if its something bad …then we are the first.. lol

So usage of calcium as a “sarva rogha nivarani” for bone problems should be avoided, Remember, excessive intake of calcium can be harmful too.Hope i had given you a comprehensive idea about osteoporosis.

I think i am good with this, thinking of talking about Ankylosing Spondilitis next.. but it depends on what i think at that time. so its a bye from me.

Dr. Elangovan MS,Mchorth

6 Thoughts to “All you wanted to know about osteoporosis…”

  1. Varsha balasubramaniyam

    Sir!! In this condition only medication is enough ??

    1. In partial tear of ACL where there is only laxity and not instability, there is a role for
      conservative management, where only the muscles around the knee are strengthened along with medications.

  2. Varshaasekar

    Is surgery needed for osteoporosis??

    1. Per se there is no need for surgery in osteoporosis, but when there is a fracture
      due to osteoporosis the patient might require surgery.

  3. Varshaasekar

    Sir..Is Surgery needed for osteoporosis??

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