This is actually a tricky question, so many factors are involved, like the method of treatment chosen , type of fracture and ofcourse the patient himself … some dont want to get back to work .. lol.

What i will be discussing here is only a general guideline and is not to be taken as an absolute criteria… don’t expect the fracture to unite on a particular day by evening 5 pm just because your surgeon said it will take 2 weeks … what we need to understand is the ability to unite is inherent in bone and as surgeons we only create a smooth situation to facilitate union and returning back to function .

Union is achieved slower in adults than in children …it takes at least 2 months for the thigh bone to unite and consolidate .. so its safe to assume that a person can go back to work in 8 to 10 weeks after getting operated on thigh bone.The leg bone might take 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

The arm bone and the forearm bones might take at least 8 weeks to get back to normal function… Since the upper limb bones do different functions, unlike the weight bearing function of lower limb bones… mild work which does’nt put lot of strain may be started early around 4 to 5 weeks… but again it depends on the mode of treatment.

The general concept is that, the patient can return back to work at a earlier stage after surgery, than if treated by conservative method , provoided the indications for both method are correct…. sometimes there can be a delayed union which can happen if its a open fracture or if there is a infection . other parameters like compliance of the patient to the surgeons instructions also can matter.

So its important to understand the time frame to get back to work can marginally change from what the surgeon predicts and from individual to individual …But the average time frame is the same as i have discussed above.
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8 Thoughts to “How long it takes to go back to work after a long bone fracture?”

  1. Swetha

    Thank you sir .It was very helpful

    1. Thank you .. and keep reading.

  2. Varsha balasubramaniyam

    Sir!! Is there any general management before surgery except rest ?

    1. Loose immobilization of the joint and hematoma evacuation or aspiration should be done other than rest,
      sometimes the meniscii can get stuck inside the joint during injury, in that case a manipulative reduction
      might be required under anesthesia… but its very rare.

  3. Varsha balasubramaniyam there is any general management before surgery?? For all fracture

    1. The general management for fractures depends on whether its a simple or a compound fracture.
      In compound fractures where the bone is exposed, the emergency management and immobilization might
      require a splint or an external fixator with antibiotic supplements , and in simple fractures usually
      just immobilization and limb elevation is enough…the key word here is immobilization .

  4. Yuvasriaadya

    Sir If there is any systemic illness what would be the treatment plan and management

    1. Its difficult to say unless what systemic illness the patient has got is known…

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