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Case Study - 1

Distal Humerus Fracture with Radial Nerve Paralysis

    This 28 years young lady was involved in a Road Traffic Accident and had a shattered Distal Humerus with primary Radial Nerve Paralysis. She underwent surgery in our Hospital.

    The problems to be tackled were,

  • 1. To give a stable Elbow joint by Open Reduction Internal Fixation.
  • 2. To manage the Radial nerve paralysis.
  • 3. To give a good ROM ( Range of Movement )

All the above factors were considered. ORIF done through posterior approach. The Radial Nerve was found to be kinked and was released. The pre operative and post operative x-rays are shown above. will update further as the patient comes for follow up.


Fractures around the elbow especially comminuted fractures of distal humerus are difficult to manage. The management concept involves , stable fixation with minimal soft tissue damage and early mobilization which principle has been followed in the above patient.

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